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What We Offer: What's Happening

About our school

What we do and how

We provide education for students aged between 6 to 18 yrs who typically come from rural backgrounds.

We have students who attend either morning or afternoon classes Monday to Friday.

Our students love to attend classes and they are appreciative and passionate about the opportunity.

We supply text and workbooks, study and writing materials, library books, computer access, and clean drinking water.

Being located in Siem Reap and the tourist area of Angkor Wat, learning English, basic computer skills, and gaining heritage awareness provides increased pathways to better-earning potentials and reduction in poverty. 

Read below for further information about specific services we offer.


Community Development

We work with our community to meet local needs, some examples of this have been: 

  • building a house for a struggling family 

  • the building or repairing well systems as part of the safe and clean water hygiene program 

  • joining the community to assist in building roads, a public hall and a health centre

  • giving of cows, chickens, ducks and fish to families in need

  • providing bicycles for students

  • helping people to find work in the city

  • scholarships for higher studies

  • an organic farming program

  • making donations to support elders in need after natural disasters such as flooding or fire

  • supporting people to the hospital

  • supporting students to meet family commitments through child care


We work with our students and community to provide:

  • computer skills training

  • English language lessons

  • education program for Vipassana of Buddhist culture

  • teaching villagers about the effects on a community through social violence and drug/alcohol abuse

  • providing school uniforms

  • an in-house Teacher Training program 

  • music involvement and appreciation

  • personal and domestic hygiene at basic levels including hand washing, tooth brushing, etc

  • gardening

  • land mine awareness (class exursions to land mine museum)

  • cultural heritage awareness (class exursions to Angkor Wat)


Our approach in the classrooms and in our villages is based on Community Development principles. We are committed to contributing to Cambodia's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) in particular:

  • No Poverty;

  • Good Health and Wellbeing;

  • Quality Education;

  • Gender Equality;

  • Clean Water and Sanitation;

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth;

  • Reduced Inequalities;

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

We invite you to learn more, partner with us, donate, share your specialist skills and/or volunteer with us, and help make a difference in the lives of local students and villagers.

What We Offer: Services
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